How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

18 August 2018,  By Stefan Opizzo

Traveling, either as a vacation or for business, will definitely change your routine almost completely. Sleeping until late hours or not sleeping at all due to jet lag, getting your physical activity from walks by the beach or city, and eating street foods or any food not cooked by you is expected while traveling.

However, if you want to enjoy your travel having the necessary energy to do what you have planned or if you want to keep doing part of your routine during your travel schedule is a matter of simple measures. Here are some tips to stay healthy while traveling.

  • Begin your days with a healthy breakfast. Yes, is normal for people who travel to want to enjoy other foods and close an eye while eating extra fats and carbs, but you still can watch what you eat in a certain percentage. Is important to have a nutritious breakfast. This will give you the necessary strength to start your day. Benefit from hotel breakfast buffets and if these are not available, buy some fruit or go to a coffee shop for some nutritious options.
  • Stay hydrated. Is important to carry a bottle of water everywhere you go, especially if you go to places with very hot weathers. Drink enough water throughout the day. Your body will thank you!
  • Restore your energy by sleeping. Walking long distances all day long, crossing time zones, staying up until late, among other things will consume all your energy. Sleeping enough hours is something necessary you need to do if you want to survive and enjoy the rest of your travel. Sleep until your body is completely restored.
  • Practice some exercise routines. Benefit from the gym at your hotel, the park in front of where you are staying or simply the streets of the city to perform your physical activity routines. Get creative! Apply your exercise knowledge to create a simple routine you can do every day or every few days to stay active and in shape.
  • Regulate alcohol and sweet drinks consumption. These drinks are packed with empty calories. Try to drink water or healthier alcoholic and non-alcoholic options every once in a while. The key is to consume in moderation.
  • Consume your vegetables regularly. If you can, order some veggies with your food. Try to pick healthier options such as a vegetarian dish or a side salad to balance your plate. And if you do all the cooking, prepare your veggies the way you like them. Either way, do not forget about vegetables. The same thing goes for fruits!
  • Take your vitamins and supplements with you. Most of the times, eating healthy while traveling can get difficult. For this reason, you must conserve the habit of taking your vitamins and other nutritional supplements to maintain your body ready for everything.
  • Protect your skin. Is normal to spend a lot of time outdoors, either at the beach or walking through the city. Is important to always wear a basic sunscreen and reapply it several times a day. Besides this, do not forget to use sunglasses and a hat for major protection.

Traveling should be fun, but that does not mean you have to ruin your body in the meantime. Enjoy your days while staying healthy!

How to stay healthy while travelling

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