How to eat healthy while traveling

29 December 2018,  By Crisri Vergara

Eat "Healthy" While Traveling It may seem an impossible task, but despite going in a car, train, subway, bus, boat, plane or any means of transport, whether land, sea or air, we can maintain our diet at a healthy level. One way to do this is to include the preparation of a healthy menu in the programming in advance of the trip.

Plan your daily meals during your travel

On the way you will find fast food places that are generally unhealthy, which generate temptations and at the same time the possibility of indigestion when consuming your products while traveling. So it is advisable to take the food you will consume and plan meal times according to the stops you can make on the route. If you are the one who drives, to eat as punctually as possible as you know when you are hungry. If for example you have dinner every day at six, you will be hungry right at that hour, every day, wherever you are. Try to keep your normal meal schedule, even when you are on the road. This will prevent you from eating too much, eating too often or causing your internal clock to become out of tune. So it plans the schedules of at least 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Start every day with a healthy breakfast

Start every day of travel with a healthy breakfast and if you do not go on a trip so early, have a quiet breakfast at home. Do not skip this important energy activator of the day. You can eat whole-grain toast or bagels, peanut butter, fruit, cereal with yogurt and eggs. By midmorning you can eat fruits if you feel an empty stomach. This will ensure that the glucose in the fruits enters your bloodstream faster, giving you a quick help. Eat meals more frequently than usual during the trip. Instead of two to three meals, try eating four to five meals to keep your glucose levels even. Each meal should be light but it should be full of foods that give energy. Avoid as much as possible eating a lot of meat or pork because it takes a little longer to digest, which requires more energy. Drink plenty of drinks to stay hydrated. Include whole grains in the food you eat. These will distribute the energy gradually and avoid the euphoria followed by a clash of processed and refined foods.

Choose healthy mid-afternoon snacks during your travel

Choose healthy mid-afternoon snacks. This is a time when many people have cravings for something sweet to have more energy. Try eating fruits, crackers and cheese, nuts and pieces of vegetables with hummus or sauce. Some people consider that apples can be helpful due to chewing activity and fructose levels. Similarly, peeling an orange and releasing its strong aroma can also be helpful. Chewing gum (chewing gum) with mint flavor. The chewing activity and the strong flavor of mint can keep you awake. Do not eat many foods that can make you sleepy, you can eat them when the time to sleep approaches. This includes foods that contain a lot of tryptophan such as milk, bananas, turkey breast and low fat cheese.

Prepare your coffee or tea or any drink you like to drink at home

Prepare your coffee or tea or any drink you like to drink at home and take it with you, this will allow you to drink it as you like and when you need it. A thermos full of coffee or tea will last for a long trip and will prevent you from being tempted to go to a self-service window when you stop to drink your daily brew and thus control the proportion of caffeine or sugar that you add to your drinks . If necessary, make a stop at the supermarket and buy a banquet of snacks for trips, instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant. There will always be a supermarket nearby where there are fast food restaurants.

Do not be mortified if you do not have time to bring healthy food

Do not be mortified if you do not have time to bring healthy food. You can still buy healthy foods prepared in a good supermarket or health food store. This is much better than succumbing to fast food during the entire trip.

If you have a diet with special requirements, you will be familiar with what you need to plan in advance. If you do not travel alone, help other people understand what to do according to your experience. This includes finding out where there may be some healthy restaurants to eat during the trip if that is what you prefer. Use the internet and your cell phone to locate places where they serve healthy food before arriving in a town or city

How to eat healthy while traveling

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