? Is it worth purchasing the JR Pass

Planning a trip to Japan? Here you'll find all about the Japan Rail Pass, What is the JR Pass? What does the JR Pass include? Is it worth purchasing?

The JR (Japan Rail) Pass is a multi-use ticket with a substantial discount aimed at tourists visiting the country. This pass is an expense and deciding where to get it and how to use it are considered by practically anyone planning a trip to japan.

Click here to purchase the Japan Rail Pass for the lowest price we could find online – a direct purchase from the Japan Rail website, including a fast and free delivery and a travel guide throughout Japan using the rail system.

7 Days – € 230/307

14 Days – € 367/497

21 Days – € 469/647

What does the JR Pass include?

The JR Pass includes using the whole Japanese rail network including the bullet train connecting most major cities and the islands of Honshu and Kyushu at up to 300 Km/h. The pass also includes the Narita Express – connecting Narita airport to Tokyo, The Yamanote line, surrounding Tokyo, free use of circle lines that run between the main attractions in Hiroshima, ferry rides from Hiroshima to Miyajima, and a free travel guide based on railways.

Is it worth purchasing the JR Pass?

It's often worth buying a JR pass, since travel costs in Japan are very high, but it's important to plan your route in advance and calculate the cost of every individual ride and the overall number of rides. Such a calculation can be done via Rome2Rio. For example, if your plan is to make one ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, your costs would be 100-150$, which are cheaper than a 7 day pass (265$), However just one more ride would make purchasing a JR pass more sensible.

On top of everything else, please remember that in some areas of Japan the railways aren't part of the national Japan Railways, and the JR Pass doesn't apply to these lines. For example, the ride from Matsumoto to Kamikochi was on a privately operated line which isn't included in the JR pass.

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